Accueil Non classé Different styles of vape pens that we offer include.

Different styles of vape pens that we offer include.


Open Pod systems

Offered with a disposable easy to replace pod, which can be refilled with your favourite e juice. Most popular devices include Ipha Zing, Suorin Edge, Uwell Caliburn and Vladdin Re.

Open pod systems are ideal for users who are not willing to spend a lot of money on vaping. This system allows you to purchase your favourite e-liquid at good prices and refill them on demand.

Closed / Pre-filled pod systems

Offered with disposable Pre-filled pods. Ideal for users who care the most about comfort and convenience. Since you just have to remove the old pod and put a new one in its place, without worrying about refilling. Although an expensive option CALIBURN GK2 PRICE. pre-filled systems have taken over a lot of users who care about quality and status.

Most popular devices include: Relx, Juul & Myle

These pen-style vapes although at the higher end of the price, are much more convenient and stylish. Typically used as a status symbol.

Pen-style sticks with tank/atomiser

Wanting to enjoy cloud chasing and MTL from the same device. try out these sticks, which allow for a wide range of tanks to work including sub ohms, RTA tanks and RDA tanks. Additionally, you can fit an MTL tank with these to enjoy your favourite nic salts.

Most popular devices include UWELL Caliburn 11W Pod System, VOOPOO Alpha Zip 12w Pod Vape Kit, IPHA Zing Pod System MTL Vape, VLADDIN RE Pod System Starter Kit, Suorin Edge Ultra-Portable System.


Box mods have evolved from simple electronic cigarettes to very advanced vaping devices with a wide range of controls, including wattage, volts, firing speeds and a lot more. Additionally, some are now even offered with touch screens and multiple themes on display as part of personalisation options.

An ideal choice for users looking to blow satisfying thick clouds and rich mouth-watering flavour. Box mods have become the sole choice for users who are into cloud chasing and competition.

Additionally, box mods allow users to couple them with a wide range of tanks, including sub-ohm, RTA, RDA, and RDTA tanks. Which allows users to optimize their vaping experience.

Moreover, box mods allow users to adjust the power output of these devices, which in some cases can go upto 200w, resulting in thick clouds and rich flavour at very short fires.


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